Alevere Medical Weight Reduction Therapy

Alevere® Therapy is a weight loss therapy which is medically supervised by doctors. It is highly effective in bringing about fast and safe weight loss for both men and women.

Women can expect to lose 6kg per month

Men can expect to lose 8kg per month.

It starts with you having a consultation with a doctor who will carry out a full medical assessment including carrying out blood tests and a full assessment of your health.

Once you start, you will go onto a restricted meticulously planned diet using our own Alevere® sachets and natural foods. There are a number of stages which you will cycle through as you lose weight. Each stage allows for a gradual increase in the foodstuffs that you can eat.

Whilst going through the stages each week, you will attend a clinic and have an hour with a therapist who will administer ultrasound which accelerates the breakdown of subcutaneous fat cells and LPG to stimulate blood flow and the production of collagen and elastic fibres to the skin and thus ensure that as you lose weight, the skin tightens and thickens and thus you avoid “floppy” skin. Each month, you will meet your doctor.

As you approach your target weight, you will start to cycle off the stages into the stabilisation and maintenance phases.

Welcome to the new you!!

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    Alevere Recipes

    Whilst on the Alevere® Therapy diet, food is restricted. But there are many recipes that you can do with Alevere® Therapy sachets. So here is our Chicken Rissoles With Dipping Sauce. This is a recipe that for those who are on Stage One. There are many recipes that have been developed for the Alevere® sachets. Being on a restricted diet does not mean you cannot have fun!

    Chicken Rissoles with Dipping Sauce


    Rissoles                                                     Dipping Sauce
    1 Alevere Chicken Goujon Sachet                1 tbsp Apple Cider Vinegar
    1 pinch Chilli Flakes                                      1 tbsp olive oil
    1 pinch Garlic Granules                                1 Juice of Satsuma
    1 grated Spring Onion (limited)                     1 pinch Garlic Granules
    1 grated Carrot (limited)                                1 pinch Chilli Flakes
    1 handful Grated Mushrooms                       1 tsp Artificial Sugar
    1 pinch Salt                                                   1 Alevere Tomato Sauce Sachet
    1 pinch Pepper
    Mix the chicken packet with just enough water to form a paste.
    Combine grated vegetables with chicken mix and spice and mix well.
    Form the chicken and vegetable mix into patties and place on baking paper.
    Grill patties for 10-15 mins and until cooked through.
    Serve with dipping sauce and salad.
    Stage 1 Recipe

    Bubble and Squeak


    1 Alevere Mashed Potato Sachet                
    Small amount of Broccoli, Green Cabbage (cooked)                                   
    50g of cooked Swede                           
    50g of Brussel Sprouts               
    Salt and Pepper for seasoning 
    Empty the mashed potato sachet into a mixing bowl
    Add the water a small amount at a time until it becomes a thick paste like texture.
    ​Add the broccoli and cabbage a little bit a time mashing and mixing it in with the potato as you go
    ​Add the swede and sprouts
    ​Mix until all ingredients are combined
    ​Divide into four balls and slightly flatten to make into rosti’s
    ​Put your frying pan on a medium/low heat and add some one cal spray
    ​Fry until golden brown turning occasionally

    Stage 1 Recipe

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